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European Standard 2 ton 5t 10t 20t 35 ton Motorized Electrical Monorail Wire Rope Hoist for Bridge Crane

This type electric hoist is designed according to the European FEM standard and DIN standard. The whole set of electric hoist is a new energy-saving and environment--friendly product.The housing is made by cast aluminum, light weight and good heat dissipation. The reducer is compact structure, high precision, high strength hardened and helical gears, low noise & long life.
  • VHB

  • Vohoboo

  • -20~40℃

  • 6~50m

  • Free Maintenance

  • lifting goods and products

  • Wire control / Remote control

  • 5/0.8 m/min

  • Wire Rope

  • Light duty and heavy duty

  • Moveable

  • 380V 50Hz or on request

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European Type Wire Rope Hoist:
A European type wire rope hoist refers to a specific design and standardization of wire rope hoists that comply with European regulations and industry standards. European manufacturers often adhere to certain specifications to ensure safety, performance, and interoperability with other equipment. Here's a general description of a European type wire rope hoist:

  1. 1.Design Standards:

    • European wire rope hoists are designed and manufactured in compliance with European standards, which may include the Machinery Directive and specific safety standards such as EN 14492-2.
  2. 2.Load Capacity:

    • These hoists are available in various load capacities, ranging from relatively small capacities for light-duty applications to larger capacities suitable for heavy industrial use. The load capacity is an important factor to consider when selecting a wire rope hoist.
  3. 3.Lifting Mechanism:

    • The hoist features a lifting mechanism that uses a wire rope wound around a drum or sheave. The drum is connected to a motor, which provides the power for lifting and lowering loads.
  4. 4.Wire Rope:

    • The wire rope used in European type hoists is made of high-strength steel, providing durability and reliability. The wire rope is typically guided by sheaves to ensure proper alignment and prevent damage.
  5. 5.Motor and Drive System:

    • European wire rope hoists are equipped with electric motors to drive the lifting mechanism. These motors are designed for efficient and precise control of the lifting process. Some hoists may feature variable speed drives for more precise load handling.
  6. 6.Safety Features:

    • European standards emphasize safety, and accordingly, European type wire rope hoists often come with a range of safety features. This may include overload protection, emergency braking systems, limit switches, and other safety devices to prevent accidents and protect both the equipment and operators.
  7. 7.Control System:

    • The hoist is controlled using a pendant control or a remote control system. Some models may feature advanced control options, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for automation and precise load positioning.
  8. 8.Compact Design:

    • European wire rope hoists are often designed to be compact, making them suitable for use in confined spaces. This is especially important in industrial settings where efficient use of space is crucial.
  9. 9.Modularity:

    • Many European type hoists are designed with modular components, allowing for easier maintenance and repairs. This modularity also facilitates customization to meet specific application requirements.
  10. 10.Compliance Certification:

    • European type wire rope hoists are typically accompanied by documentation certifying compliance with relevant European standards. This ensures that the hoists meet the necessary safety and performance requirements.

When considering a European type wire rope hoist, it's essential to adhere to local regulations and ensure that the hoist meets the specific needs of the intended application. Additionally, proper training in the operation and maintenance of the hoist is crucial for safe and efficient use.

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