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Endless Round Lifting Sling

We are a professional manufacturer for sling, including lashing sling & webbing sling. Different type can be available, such as: double eye flat webbing sling, endless flat webbing sling, round sling.
Our lift slings are according to EN 1492-1:2000, 100% high tenacity polyester.

  • Round Eyes Sling

  • Flat Eye

  • Polyester, 100% polyester

  • 1 Ton- 30T

  • 4:1 5:1 6:1 7:1

  • EN1492-1:2000

  • 40-300mm

  • EN1492-1:2000

  • Purple, green, yellow, grey and other

EA Round Lifting Belt

The maximum load of the circular lifting belt is 3000T, the efficient length is up to 100M, the safety factor is 6:1 and 7:1 .
The circular lifting belt is made from high strength polyester industrial long string(100%PES), the internal bearing core is infinite surround for forming the circle load, the external bearing core is using 100%PE for weaving non-force annular tubes on a aim of protecting the bearing core.

Parameter of EA round lifting belt:

 Model Min Breaking  
Rated Working Load(kg) Upright P=1kg Choked P=0.8kg) Angle45° P=1.8kg Angle90° P=1.4kg
EA-01 6000 1000 1000 800 1800 1400
EA-02 12000 2000 2000 1600 3600 2800
EA-03 18000 3000 3000 2400 5400 4200
EA-04 24000 4000 4000 3200 7200 5600
EA-05 30000 5000 5000 4000 9900 7000
EA-06 36000 6000 6000 4800 10800 8400
EA-07 48000 8000 8000 6400 14400 11200
EA-08 60000 10000 10000 8000 18000 14000
EA-300 1800000 300000 300000 240000 540000 420000

The maintenance for the lifting belt is flexible, the damage issues are very common when operates the lifting due to crash. But the EA type lifting belt can just be crashed into the flat shape, thus the dangerous is zero. Even if the lifting belt was damaged seriously, the circular tube broken first, then the bearing core exposed to outside. This means the lifting belt was damaged. The repeat test shows that the internal of the belt is not being damaged if the outside tube is intact. At the meantime, if the internal bearing string bunch is broken, it will be found through the circular tube. The tube can be protected with a if there is cut damage in avoiding the further breaching. Check carefully and confirm there is no damage in internal before continuous using. But the large cutting damage must be checked by us for confirming if it can be used continuously.

Lift sling application

If any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please advise below information, thanks!

1.What is the WLL (Working load limit)?
2.What is the Length (1-100m)?
3.What is the safety factor (our standard is 7:1,6:1,5:1)?
4.What is the quantity?
5.What is the width?
6.What is the color you need?





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