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Electric KCD 300KG/800KG/1Ton/1.5Ton /2Ton wire rope crane winch three phase

KCD Type Wire Rope Electric Hoist Winch, can be vertical lifting use or horizontal pulling use.
  • KCD

  • Vohoboo

  • Electric

  • Construction Hoist

  • 2 Ton

  • With cable or remote control

  • 30-100M

  • Wire Rope

  • 220V/380V 50HZ

  • 8-16M/min

  • 200KG-2T

  • 1 year

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Electric Winch Description:
  1. 1.Electric Motor:

    • The electric motor is the primary power source of the winch. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the winching mechanism.
  2. 2.Gear Train:

    • The gear train consists of a set of gears that help control the speed and torque of the winch. It allows the electric motor's high-speed, low-torque rotation to be converted into low-speed, high-torque rotation for winching.
  3. 3.Drum:

    • The drum is a cylindrical spool around which the cable or rope is wound. As the drum rotates, it either winds in (retracts) or releases (unwinds) the cable, depending on the direction of operation.
  4. 4.Cable or Rope:

    • The cable or rope is the load-bearing element that is wound around the drum. It provides the means to attach the winch to the load being lifted or pulled.
  5. 5.Control System:

    • Electric winches typically have a control system that includes a remote control, allowing the operator to operate the winch from a distance. Some winches also have manual controls directly on the winch itself.
  6. 6.Fairlead:

    • The fairlead is a guide that helps direct the cable onto the drum evenly and prevents it from bunching up or becoming damaged during operation.
  7. 7.Mounting System:

    • Electric winches can be mounted on various surfaces, including the front or rear of vehicles, trailers, or fixed structures. The mounting system ensures the winch is securely attached to the mounting surface.
  8. 8.Braking System:

    • Winches are equipped with a braking system to hold the load in place when the winch is not actively pulling. This prevents the load from slipping or free-spooling unintentionally.
  9. 9.Clutch:

    • Some winches have a clutch mechanism that allows the user to manually disengage the drum from the motor. This enables the cable to be pulled out or released without using the motor.

Adavantages of KCD electric winch

- Fast installation.
- Convenience in operation.
- Low noise level.
- Fast braking.
- Big rope capacity – to 100 meters (that allows to apply them to raising of freights at repair of high-floor buildings).
- Existence of a rope with a hook in a set.

Application of KCD electric winch:

Applies to industrial enterprise, mining company, normal factory, workshop, railway, sea port, warehouse, stock ground and so on.
This is the ideal equipment to improve working efficiency and working conditions nowadays.

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