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Customized 5 10 15 20 Ton Workshop Warehouse Modular Bridge Crane Single Or Double Girder Overhead Crane

A. Single girder overhead crane
Single beam overhead crane configuration is made up of a single bridge girder, two end carriages and a hoist with trolley, which
runs along the bottom flange of the bridge girder between the end carriages.
* It is widely used in industrial factory, warehouse, workshop, stock ground, workstation factory, goods yard etc.
* It looks like bridge, because both ends of girder are on the tall concrete column and metal support structure.
* It consists of metal structure, crane travelling mechanism, lifting mechanism, safety protection and operation.
B.Double girder overhead crane
Double beam overhead crane configuration is made up of two bridge girders, two end carriages and a hoist with trolley. The hoist travels on top of rails that are mounted to the top of bridge girders. It is widely used for transferring material, goods equipment installation and maintenance in factory, power station, storeroom, warehouse etc.


  • Overhead crane

  • 6m~30m

  • 5000 kg

  • 100KN

  • 32 Ton

  • 7.5-31.5m

  • wireless Remote Controller

  • 3 Phase 380V 50hz or be customized

  • 20m/min 30m/min or can be customized

  • by sea

  1. Bridge (Girder):

    • The bridge is the main horizontal beam that spans the width of the working area. It is supported by end trucks on either side and can move along the length of the crane runway.
  2. End Trucks:

    • End trucks are located on both ends of the bridge and house the wheels on which the crane travels along the runway beams. The wheels allow the crane to move horizontally, covering the entire length of the runway.
  3. Runway Beams:

    • Runway beams are the horizontal beams that support the entire overhead crane system. They are typically mounted to the building structure and provide a path for the crane to travel.
  4. Hoist and Trolley:

    • The hoist is the lifting mechanism that is attached to a trolley. The trolley moves horizontally along the length of the bridge, allowing the crane to position the load precisely.
  5. Hoisting Mechanism:

    • The hoisting mechanism is responsible for lifting and lowering the load. It can be an electric or manual winch system, and it is mounted on the trolley. The hoisting mechanism is controlled by an operator to perform lifting and lowering operations.
  6. Control System:

    • Overhead cranes are equipped with a control system that allows operators to manage the crane's movement and lifting operations. This can include pendant controls, radio remote controls, or more advanced automated control systems.
  7. Capacity and Span:

    • Overhead cranes come in various capacities, ranging from small systems for light loads to large cranes capable of lifting several tons. The span, or the distance between the runway rails, can also vary based on the specific application.
  8. Applications:

    • Overhead cranes are used for a wide range of material handling tasks, including lifting and moving heavy machinery, construction materials, and other large loads within a specified area. They are particularly useful for tasks that require precise positioning and efficient lifting.
  9. Safety Features:

    • Overhead cranes are equipped with safety features such as limit switches, overload protection, emergency stop buttons, and safety brakes to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  10. Types of Overhead Cranes:

    • There are different types of overhead cranes, including single girder cranes, double girder cranes, gantry cranes, and jib cranes. The choice of the crane type depends on factors such as the load capacity, span, and specific application requirements.
Lift capacity(T)
1T~100T (single girder or double girder)
Crane span(M)
3~28m according to your demands
Lifting height(M)
3~48m according to your demands
Crane traveling speed(m/min)
5~20m/min or 5~30m/min or 5~40m/min.As your request
Electric hoist lifting speed(m/min)
European electric hoist 
(5/0.8 m/min double speed)
CD1 electric hoist(8 m/min)
MD1 electrc hoist(8/0.8 m/min)
Hoist trolley speed(m/min)
0-20 m/min
20m/min or 8/20m/min
Remote control
F24-6D/F24-10D or F21-E1B etc, according to your demands

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