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Conical Rotor Electric Motor for Hoist

ZD and ZDY series motors are used for overhead crane traveling and hoist lifting. When the motor is energized with current, in addition to generating conical rotor torque, it also produces axial magnetic force to pull shaft backward to compress the spring, then the brake wheel is released , then the motor starts running. When the electricity is cut off, the axial force disappears, the brake wheel produces braking torque in the compression spring force to make the motor stop running immediately.
  • ZD series hoist motor


  • Asynchronous Motor

  • Three-phase

  • IP44 and IP54

  • 0.2-24kw

  • -25°c to 40°c.

  • IP44/ IP54

This series is applicable to special mechanical  equipment which require quickly braking, frequency starting and alternate operating for transportation and mechanical industry.

ZD series motor is conical rotor three-phase asynchronous motors which with automatic brakes. It has large starting torque, reliable braking, compact structure, small size, light weight. This series of motors commonly used in hoisting and conveying machinery industries, special mechanical equipment requirements can quickly brake, frequent starting, running alternately positive and negative.

ZDY series motor has smooth start, braking safety characteristics, it complete with reducer for driving lifting machinery and other applications requiring high efficiency mechanical and mechanical drive brake smoothly.

Technical Parameters:
parameter of conical rotor crane motor





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