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160mm 200mm 250mm 315mm 400mm End Truck Wheel Block for Crane End Carriage


Product Description:

Wheel block is of various wheels diameters, such as 112 mm, 125, 160, 200, 300, 400, 500, etc; it adopts the Europe advanced design ideology, greatly improving the work performance and prolonging the work life. It is of vast application for various traveling mechanisms, such as the crane traveling mechanism (end carriage), electric trolley, movable workshop, movable work station, etc. It fully fits with every geared motor.

Product Features:

1.Enclosed modular design, free of Maintenance for the whole life; 2. Material: nodular cast iron steel, or 42CrMo; 3. Wheel is of self-lubrication, wear proof; the design life is 10 years; 4.the modular box is of large load capacity, light running sound; 5. the spline hub connects to the geared box~~compact design, reasonable design; 6.Modular design, complete traveling solution & accessories, greatly simplifying customer’s design cost & time for their traveling mechanism.电机安装拼图-轮箱




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