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1.5ton battery operated china powered rough customized electric pallet forklift truck

1. Small body, light weight and simple operation.
2. All control components are centralized at the end of the handle.
3. High efficiency DC traction motor, large traction force.
4. Integral hydraulic pump station lifting system.
5. The latest MOS stepless speed regulating system.
6. Low noise, low pollution.

  • Electric Hand Pallet Truck

  • 2000/3000kg

  • 1100/1200mm

  • 550/685mm

  • 85mm

  • 200mm

  • 800w

  • 800w

  • 48V

  • 220V


Electric Pallet Truck:
An electric pallet truck, also known as an electric pallet jack or electric pallet mover, is a powered industrial vehicle designed for the handling and transportation of palletized loads within warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. It is an efficient and user-friendly alternative to manual pallet jacks, providing electrically powered assistance for moving heavy loads. Here are the key components and features of an electric pallet truck:

  1. 1.Electric Motor:

    • The electric pallet truck is equipped with an electric motor that provides the necessary power for propulsion and lifting functions. The motor is usually powered by a rechargeable battery.
  2. 2.Battery and Charger:

    • The electric pallet truck typically operates on a rechargeable battery. The battery provides the energy needed for the electric motor to move the truck and lift loads. A battery charger is used to recharge the battery when needed.
  3. 3.Controls:

    • Electric pallet trucks feature intuitive controls for ease of operation. These controls may include a handle with buttons or levers that allow the operator to control the direction of movement, speed, and lifting functions.
  4. 4.Fork:

    • The fork is the component that slides under the pallet to lift and move it. The forks are usually adjustable to accommodate different pallet sizes.
  5. 5.Lifting Mechanism:

    • Electric pallet trucks are equipped with a lifting mechanism that allows the operator to raise and lower the forks. This feature is particularly useful for lifting pallets to different heights, such as for stacking or loading onto shelves.
  6. 6.Load Capacity:

    • Electric pallet trucks come in various load capacities to handle different sizes and weights of palletized loads. The load capacity is an important consideration when selecting the appropriate electric pallet truck for a specific application.
  7. 7.Steering System:

    • Electric pallet trucks have a steering system that allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces. Some models feature articulated or maneuverable wheels to enhance agility.
  8. 8.Safety Features:

    • Safety features are incorporated to ensure the well-being of operators and prevent accidents. These may include emergency stop buttons, horn signals, and automatic braking systems.
  9. 9.Compact Design:

    • Electric pallet trucks are designed to be compact and maneuverable, making them suitable for navigating narrow aisles and tight spaces commonly found in warehouses.
  10. 10.Durability and Low Maintenance:

    • Electric pallet trucks are built to withstand the demands of industrial use. They often have sturdy construction, and the electric motor design typically requires less maintenance compared to internal combustion engines.
  11. 11.Optional Features:

    • Some electric pallet trucks come with additional features such as onboard scales for weighing loads, side shift capabilities for improved load positioning, and electronic displays for monitoring battery status and operational information.

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